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It is a simple, intuitive and smart GUI that allow you to use JavaKeyTool command line program with ease.Just get JavaKeyToolGUI from its git repositoryHow to use JavaKeyToolGUIDownload JavaKeyToolGUI from its git repositoryUnzip it on the target directoryStart using it with following commandjava -jar JavaKeyToolGUI.jar -noui -showtextCopy the output of the above command from the Output windowIt will contain your your private key fingerprint that you just created.This key can be used withkeytool -exportcert -alias -keystore -alias -file keytool -importcert -alias -file -keystore In case of first command, your private key is exported and in second command, your private key is imported.JavaKeyToolGUI was created for free usage and for improvement use only.P.S.Adding JavaKeyToolGUI to ProjectAfter installing JavaKeyToolGUIAdd JKeyToolGUI.jar into your project's libs directory. If you don't know how to add a jar file to a project, read the section below.Adding a Jar File to ProjectYou can add your JDK's jar files to your Android Studio project's libs directory to make them available to your project.If you use Gradle to manage your project's build dependencies, you can also use the gradle jar plugin to automatically add dependencies to your build script.If you are unsure how to do this, check the jar plugin's usage documentation at Add a dependency to JavaKeyToolGUI to your build.gradle file:dependencies { compile 'org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-jar-plugin:2.4:jar:2.4'}How to get an MD5 FingerprintUse your.keystoreEvery Android app signed with a key is stored inside a keystore file. It consists of 3 folders: 08929e5ed8

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